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| Manmin News   No. 596 | HIT 1485 | DATE 2018-06-17
"On the doorstep of death with hepatocirrhosis and renal failure, I met God the Healer!"

Brother Kyungchul Kim, age 71, Parish 24, Manmin Central Church

In October 2015, I was guided to Manmin Central Church by an acquaintance. Although I received much grace and registered as a member, I just attended Sunday Service and continued to drink alcohol and smoke outside.

In September 2016, the gout that I had suffered from struck me seriously. I took folk remedy at first, but it turned my big toe black as if it was rotten. Then, I repented and came to rely on God. I applied Muan Sweet Water to the sick part and received Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer for the sick during every worship Service.

A few days later, blood gushed out from the affected toe. I repented that I had not lived by the Word of God and received Dr. Lee's prayer recorded on the Automated Response System. To my surprise, the bleeding stopped and something dirty came out with the blood. Then, new flesh grew quickly, and I was healed. After I experienced this power of God, I made up my mind to stop drinking alcohol and smoking. However, I returned to the old habits soon.

In August 2017, I did not feel good and it was hard to digest food. I did not eat well for several days. I eventually collapsed. I lived alone since my wife had passed away long ago and my children lived abroad. At just the right moment, one of my acquaintances visited me because I had not answered the phone. With his help, I was rushed to hospital by ambulance. I came around, but ascites developed seriously and renal failure occurred to me. I was moved to Intensive Care Unit immediately.

The doctor said I did not have many days to live. In fact, I had habitually consumed alcohol. I drank at least two or three bottles of soju every day even though I was not in a physically good state. After several tests were conducted, the doctor told me that my liver was not able to detox my body due to hepatocirrhosis, and my kidney performed only 10 percent of its functions. I had dyalisis right away because of uropenia.

Thankfully, the one who guided me to Manmin sent a prayer request to Senior Pastor who was praying in the mountain prayer house, and I heard that he prayed for me. Then, unlike what the doctor said, my liver and kidney recovered very quickly and I was moved from ICU to the general ward.

My Parish Pastor came and prayed for me with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12). I was, then, set free from pain and began to urinate. I also had dialysis for five hours every other day but after I received the handkerchief prayer from my Parish Pastor again, the kidney level became normal. I no longer needed dialysis after just a month of it, and my liver somatic index became almost normal. In early October, I was discharged.

More amazingly, on the third day after I left hospital, I regained my appetite and could digest food well even though I had not been able to eat food at all. As I ate five or six times a day, I got recovered quickly. My body that had been darkened and bony when I was discharged, was re-created by the grace of God. Hallelujah!

Afterwards, I stopped drinking alcohol and quit smoking completely. As I led my believing life more diligently, I got better and better. Now I am healthy and weigh 65kg. Without the grace of the Lord, I would have just died without receiving salvation. I give all thanks and glory to the God of love who saved me and gave me hope for heaven. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Senior Pastor who prayed for me.